A Welcome from the Secretary General

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the official website of the Association of Arab Universities (AArU), where we hope to go forward enriching the process of work with full of transparency and clarity, and to achieve development and modernization with a consensual vision that is parallel to the requirements of the current stage. In reality of the current situation, it is the proper time to present effective scientific and practical initiatives. Actually, this requires further efforts and continuous work within the basic reference and general framework of AArU, which is compatible with its visi​on, goals, and objectives of the Arab identity. Keep in mind, that AArU is an important part of this world specifically in its progress and the integrated transformation of most life areas.

Notice that, after the Fourth Industrial Revolution was just resolved, it posed real challenges by changing work patterns and the scale of achievements across all sectors. Deeply, the challenges go through digital technology, industrial intelligence, sophisticated software, and massive databases. Therefore, a modern strategy is been proposed to keep pace with these changes. Where it creates a qualitative response that is balanced with the available capabilities and modern requirements. Thus, a modern strategy can be achieved through the deep knowledge of the following concepts such as; the overall quality, scientific research, and planning. Hence, this will lead us to achieve a balanced equation that its elements can keep up with rapid developments, where we can achieve sustainable development goals of our universities and Arab societies.

Furthermore, a strategic plan for AArU 2020 - 2030 is been proposed to achieve the desired goals. The plan is prepared in a cooperative effort with rightful partners, where Arab universities considered as the cornerstone of this framework. Moreover, the collaboration with Arab and international organizations and institutions that are concerned with academic affairs apart from their different names and specializations.

Fortunately, we realized from the first moment of the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak that some of the educational process concepts and methods began to change. Hence, it is been incumbent upon us to work and provide scientific support for Arab universities. Where the compass of education in most countries of the world has been directed to distance learning

and sometimes integrated education. Thus, we started a proactive step by issuing a practical guide for distance learning that ensures the minimum standards necessary to control the educational process. Delightedly, this guide has become an Arab and international reference that helps in ensuring the safety of the distance learning process. Moreover, we were able to accomplish numerous conferences and seminars on outstanding academic and research topics. Actually, we embarked on the preparation of projects, where some of them have been completed and others are going according to our plan. Put sufficiently, the following are the ongoing projects. First, Arab University Ranking and Classification Project, which will be implemented on Arab and non-Arab universities. Second, Arab journals platform project that is done in corporation with Elsevier the owner Scopus, where Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. Third, the Arab Impact Factor project, which classifies Arab journals according to professional journal classification criteria. Forth, Al Tanal Arabic project, which is a special examination measuring the level of efficiency of Arabic language for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. One more, we also seek to complete the project of a unified framework of the Arab qualifications in the next period.

Currently, we are launching our official website in its new professional style to keep up with developments and facilitate smooth and easy access to information for any website visitor, who likes to get any formal information about AArU such as; its activities, objectives, and its main components. We appreciate your continuous interest and support for a better future for our generations and our students.

With my appreciation and respect for all of you,

General Secretary

Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama​