AArU offers condolences to Turkey and Syria after a major earthquake


The general secretary of AArU, Dr. Amr Salama, on behalf of his colleagues the presidents of the universitiesand the AArU family, extend his deepest sympathies and condolences over devastating earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. Sadly, thousands of victims perished as a result of this massive earthquake, which left thousands wounded and injured.

In his part, Prof. Salama offers his deepest condolences to the victims and their families for what they lost and also hopes for a speedy recovery of those injured. He stressed that providing relief and assistance to the victims is a national and humanitarian duty at all levels. Moreover, he praises the efforts made by Arab countries for reducing the suffering of Syrian people by quickly dispatching emergency teams and providing medical and in-kind assistance to the Syrian people, especially in Aleppo city and the areas affected by earthquakes.