AArU remotely meeting discussed the ways of developing the skills of applied health


The Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities (AArU), Professor Amr Salama, held a virtual meeting with the Secretaries-General  of the scientific medical societies in Arab universities, such as Faculties of Human Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Science, in the presence of the Assistant Secretaries General of AArU, Professor Abdelrahim A. Hunaiti and Professor Khemissi Hamidi, as well as the CEO of the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET), Dr. Muhannad Al-Nsour, the Director of IAPH , Dr. Haitham Bashir, and a number of experts and directors of scientific councils at the Academy, such as; Dr. Faris Al-Lami; Dr. Youssef Faoud and Dr. Sheikh Badr.


On his speech, Professor Salama expressed that the AArU interest of developing the skills of applied health societies. Where AArU offers practical training for all faculties of Arab universities by AArU’s experts from various fields. Especially health disciplines, where AArU provides practical training experiences to faculty members in Arab universities; employees and trainees of teaching hospitals, as well as laboratories and university medical centers.

He also expressed that AArU encourages the use of new technologies as well as in training and follow-up whether in the official or private sectors, and then get the resource of required information, which may contribute to shortening time and effort and obtaining more accurate and effective results.

For his part, Dr. Al-Nsour valued the role of the AArU and thanked its team in opening the way for Arab and international institutions and organizations to get benefits from the AArU experiences, where AArU hosts many of the experts and the scientist from Arab universities.

Subsequently, Dr. Al-Nsour gave a brief explanation about IAPH, which is a multi-disciplinary professional development academy for the public health workforce that it is emerged from the EMPHNET. Notably, the aim of establishing IAPH is to provide high-quality education and training for physicians and health sector workers through several practical training programs. In fact, the educational and training programs and courses of IAPH were prepared by more than 75 physicians and scientists from the Mediterranean region and globally. Put sufficiently, there are 70 percent of programs and courses time offered by the Academy is offered practically. More precisely, he explained that these programs and training courses included most of the medical specialties and addressed the training gaps those exist in the health sector. Where several international reports focused on the need for the intensive work to go over these gaps and to rehabilitate health cadres with the best skills and the necessary practical training.

In the discussion webinar, the participants discussed the ways of providing the participants the available programs and training courses in the near future, as a kind of two-ways cooperation.