Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council in the Association of Arab Universities


Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council in the Association of Arab Universities


Conducted a blended live in-person and virtual training workshop specialized in preparing for The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ABET entitled “How to Qualify for ABET Accreditation Including Virtual Visit Training

Prof. Dr. Abdelrahim A. Hunaiti, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities (AArU) and the Director of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council, said in his opening speech Participants from all Arab universities now have the ability to attend this workshop virtually through our new virtual learning environments. The blended-workshop was held in-person in the headquarters of the General Secretariat of AArU for the participant’s resident in Jordan and virtually for participants from outside Jordan, which is our first experience in holding a blended-workshop. Prof. Dr. Hunaiti welcome all workshop participants especially his Excellency the Secretary-General, Prof. Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama who attended virtually, the Assistant Secretary-General, Prof. Dr. Khemissi Hamidi,  the ABET expert  workshop instructors Prof. Dr. Adnan Nayfeh and Prof. Dr. Mansour Almatarneh.  Moreover Prof. Hunaiti encouraged all Arab universities to seek international accreditation such as ABET accreditation for their academic programs to improve the quality of higher education programs. By studying in an internationally accredited Program, students gain a foundation of education that meets global standards, in accordance with the development of science and technology, strong in supporting career and professional success, and wider employment opportunities.

In his conclusion remarks prof. Hunaiti, explained that this blended-workshop is held according to the Council's plan that aims to help Arab universities to upgrade their academic programs, along with a series of qualifying workshops to help universities obtain other international accreditations.

On the other hand, the international expert, Dr. Adnan Nayfeh, presented valuable lectures for the detail procedural steps and processes that must be followed in preparing for ABET accreditation. Extensively, he mentioned the process of preparing the internal auditing references, and the way of preparing the necessary data and information according to the accreditation requirements. determine the time required to implement the accreditation stages; review the data and statistics available on the academic program of the college periodically; prepare an exact timetable for the official working plans in preparing the scientific material from the first day of their work; and convert paper work into computerized digital work.

Form his side, the international expert and the accredited resident of ABET. Mansour Almatarneh, presented a valuable step by step about the newly adapted work of the visits virtually and virtual assessment that ABET adopts due to the conditions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the workshop was attended by a number of academics from various Arab universities such as Jordan; Egypt; Saudi Arabia; Iraq; Lebanon; Oman; Somalia and the United Arab Emirates.